Spring time is almost upon us, and the gardens of the northern hemisphere are in for some rejuvenation. As my mother taught me, once a seed is planted, one must wait for germination. After the sprout shoots up, the roots shoot down. This dual expansion is a beautiful metaphor for our growth in Christ. The exciting visible growth we exhibit in our daily lives is a direct reflection of how our roots are growing.

As a young man, I often helped my mother in her garden, and we took great care to meticulously place each seed in the ground at the specific depth it needed to grow properly. Once the plants had sprouted and grown, they were much hardier. The stability of a strong root system kept them nourished and flourishing. The work we put in earlier helped the plant later on.

As alumni, we are products of a flourishing ministry in Chi Alpha. Wherever we go, and whatever our task, we can take comfort knowing we have our roots to depend on. Some of us might be in a season where we move to a new place or have been transplanted into a new job. There are those of us who may be getting ready for graduation and relocation, and perhaps you are nervous about the change of scenery. Take heart knowing that your roots will keep you safe and strong.

In the book of Ephesians, chapter three and verse 17 of the New Living Translation, the Apostle Paul encourages the church, “Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.” In situations of uncertainty we can trust our roots.

During Hurricane Harvey, the school I work at was mostly spared damage, but several young trees were knocked over in the gale-force winds. They were strong, but the winds were a bit stronger. Thankfully my coworkers and I gathered together to lift them up. We were able to right them, stabilize them, and they are still growing today. In times of distress we can trust our roots.

There have been several faith-shaking experiences in my life, but each time I sought Godly counsel and searched the scriptures for guidance. Wherever you find yourself today, even if you are thousands of miles away from the Chi Alpha group you used to call home, know God is with you and your roots are strong!

I encourage you to submit any prayer request that you may have on this page. We are here to lift you up in prayer and support you as you branch out into the marketplace or mission field. This ministry has a rich history of faithfulness, and we are all fruit born of an intricate root system of local ministry, regional supervision, and national support. Wherever your life after graduation takes you, know that you can trust your Chi Alpha Roots.

Be Blessed and Be Encouraged,

Jonathan Sixtos

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