Alumni in the Spotlight: Amanda Klepfer

An alumna from Idaho State University’s Chi Alpha, Amanda now lives with her family in Twin Falls, Idaho as a Speech Language Pathologist at a transitional care unit. Amanda has carried her worship leading and small group leading experience at Chi Alpha into her life in the marketplace to live on mission.

How did Chi Alpha impact your life?

Chi Alpha has forever changed my life by changing my view of Christianity from religion to relational. I found that Jesus moves, speaks, is tangible and has plans for me. He is so much more than sitting in a pew on Sunday. I was also deeply impacted by the fellowship and friendships that I didn’t know could exist, and the depth that Jesus calls us to live in with each other. I’m forever grateful.

How are you continuing to live on mission and continue to be involved in discipleship in the marketplace?

I feel blessed daily that I get to be a light to so many people during what is often the darkest times in their lives. I get to encourage people to meet their goals to return home independently. For those who live at our facility, I get to build relationships and love on them like they are family. Many people in nursing homes need family, as their families no longer come to see them, I get to be that for them. I also feel blessed that on many occasions, during hard times and at the end of their days, I have had many opportunities to pray with the people I call family. 

How have you been able to live out generosity outside of the marketplace?

I feel very blessed to have a husband who walks with me and has passion for Jesus and his people. We have a passion for bringing the depth of fellowship, that I was so blessed to learn about in Chi Alpha, to our local church to encourage people to live life for Jesus outside of the church walls. We are currently leading a small group for married couples. Also as a family, my husband, son and I love to visit the residents in my nursing home to bring them simple treats like ice cream and crafts from my son to bring the smallest amount of joy to a generation that deserves it! 

What advice would you give to others who are trying to live on mission in the marketplace?

First, find a church and fellowship! It is too easy to get lost in this world! We need each other. Jesus never meant for us to walk life alone and it is so much more rewarding walking it out together. Second, don’t be afraid to talk about Jesus. Some of the biggest impacts I have had on people have not been fixing their swallows or teaching them to problem solve but it has been showing them Jesus’ love and praying, crying and rejoicing in each others wins and losses.

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