Life Together

Throughout my time in Chi Alpha, the idea of “living life together” was brought up quite often by our campus pastors. It was how we were encouraged to live with our friends and small groups/cores because of the example Jesus set through living life so closely with His disciples. However, I don’t think it was until this past year that the importance and necessity of it completely sunk in. 

I was a part of Chi Alpha at Colorado State University where our campus pastors did a phenomenal job of setting a “life together” culture. So much so, that a small group of graduating seniors decided that they wanted to continue it with one another after college while simultaneously being on mission together. Basically, they wanted to live by the model that the early Christian community set in Acts 2:42-47, while still working full time in the marketplace. So, in June of 2018, this group moved to the Westwood neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, and Acts2gether was born. 

At this time, I was still an intern at Western Washington University, and was discerning where God wanted me to go after. I knew that I wanted to go into the marketplace, but I still wanted to be on mission. I received the invitation to join Acts2gether about halfway through the internship, and after months of prayer I felt like it was clearly where God was calling me. Though I was really nervous for the transition, especially because I had never lived in a big city, I am so glad that I was obedient in answering the call that God had given me. 

I moved to Denver in July of 2019. It seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at the same time, especially because no one could have guessed the state that the world would be in soon after. I am so grateful to have a community to share life with during this time. I am so grateful to have a community that I can lean on and be vulnerable with about all of the fear, grief and uncertainty that COVID has brought. I am so grateful to have such a solid community to invite friends and coworkers into. I thank God everyday for putting the idea for this community on my friend’s hearts through the Holy Spirit. The Lord truly does give the best gifts. If you are an alumni out there and feel like you are struggling to live on a mission, my recommended first step is to start intentionally living life together with other believers!

Written by Megan Parish, alumna of Colorado State University and city ambassador of the Denver area.

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