Alumni in the Marketplace Spotlight: Johnny Weger

Johnny Wegner graduated from Stanford University after serving on the Stanford Chi Alpha worship team. Johnny now lives in Melano Park, CA where he works at Stanford Health Care helping to expand quality healthcare at lower costs.

How did Chi Alpha impact your life?

I began attending Chi Alpha worship meetings at the same time I was beginning my faith journey, admittedly nervous and intimidated by the idea of corporate praise and sermons in the midst of a fairly secular student body. Fortunately, the continued warmth and friendship from each and every person in Chi Alpha as well as the practicality of Pastor Glen’s Scripture-rooted sermons gave me the encouragement to grow in my faith. My experience as a member of Stanford Chi Alpha provided me with the foundation to be a confident light in the world of corporate consulting and healthcare.

How are you continuing to live on mission and be involved in discipleship?

For many, the corporate world is often an intense and stressful environment focused on professional success during long work hours and personal leisure outside of work. Fortunately, God has created countless opportunities for me to balance restful recovery (which is undoubtedly necessary) with an abundance of chances to give my time back to those around me who are less fortunate, and to do so in corporate ways. Many of my friends and colleagues either live or work near the Tenderloin, a San Francisco neighborhood that sees high rates of homelessness, poverty, and substance abuse. God has opened up doors for us to go and serve with local nonprofits several times a year in truly meaningful ways. In doing so, our actions not only help residents of the Tenderloin and the nonprofits that care for them, but I’ve also seen God enrich the lives of my colleagues and friends who volunteer.

I see them experience the joy that accompanies serving all of God’s people, fueling a desire to continue to sacrifice some of their free time for volunteer work. And because I’ve been able to organize some of our events with Christ-centered nonprofits, it often provides a chance for me to share my faith with friends when they ask how we came to volunteer for the nonprofits we serve.

What advice/encouragement would you give other alumni who are trying to live on mission in the marketplace?

It’s vital to remember that faithfully being on mission in the marketplace means making an earnest effort to do excellent work, ideally doing something that you enjoy or that brings you energy (if possible). The story of Daniel shows us that opportunities for discipleship can arise when we simultaneously walk firmly in faith and excel in our profession with integrity. Those around you will notice and take an interest when you are working hard and enjoying your work, so be prepared to share where your strength and motivation come from when the time is right!

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